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Brethren, Please Visit the Blog @ as this post does contain a video!

For any of you who are getting this notification by email, just save yourself the trouble of trying to understand it in a certain way, and just do me this favor, right now. Visit the Branch Blog (Same link as above) to view this blog as I have the desire to have you listen to the video as you read the blog. Then, I want some feedback!

Assuming you are now on the blog, I want you to pray about the Vision of the Vine that President Shumway has introduced to the Stake, and truthfully ask for the witness that it is indeed the Lords Vision given through President Shumway for our stake. Now, below, hit play on the video below and then read the text that I have to write to you concerning the Vision of the Vine.

As I ponder the relative significance of what this miraculous vision means to me, I can’t help but wonder how much it should mean to all of us as members of this Stake in Zion. I saw the Lord’s hand so ever deeply involved in my life and saw the Vision of the Vine play into effect so quickly and miraculously that I scarce could believe it as I saw it develop over just one week!

I watched as a family, who was on the verge of collapse, found a sturdy foundation on the Lord Jesus Christ and managed to start to save themselves, knowing only that Jesus Christ can help them through this with their pledge to do all they could.

I watched this past fast and testimony meeting, as a flood of the Spirit overcame me in an instant so fast that I nearly denied my eyes a second time…this time a man I love so dearly…. a man I know who loves the Lord Jesus Christ so dearly, came in as I was breaking the bread of the Sacrament. I have not seen this man in Church prior on his own accord in more than 9 months. I have tried to visit this man, as I have been his home teacher for years now and only recently in August got to talking with him again. But he was there! I was happy.

Yes I was thrilled this man was there, because that is where he should be. Like President Shumway has taught us, from the beginning of his calling as a Stake President, “If you are here now, you are meant to be here.” As is clearly highlighted in a favored document, “The Shumway Sequence” – Number Five says “If you are here now, you are foreordained to be here.” (Followed by a reference to Alma 13:3)

What blew me away, was his going to the stand on Fast and Testimony meeting to bear his witness of the truthfulness of the Gospel. It consumed me with joy, and I could not help but weep as I felt joy in his desire to come back into the fold and to be with the flock. It was truly inspiring. He touched many there, and the Spirit was ever so powerful, it prompted many to come bear their testimony as well.

The last thing that absolutely inspired me, and made me happy, also giving yet another confirmation to the Vision of the Vine was another individual. As I try to do sometimes, I will stand outside the doors of the chapel with the Missionaries and greet people after they have entered the building, and prior to going into the chapel (Note we have a 2 phase building- not a stake center). In the performance of this, I saw a woman peer in at the back end of the hall (At the farthest entrance from the chapel) and seemed if but for a moment she knew not where to go. She was certainly nobody I knew, nor anyone out in the hall at that time. Nevertheless the Spirit prompted me to go greet this kind woman and welcome her. I gave her my name and she gave me her name. I asked her if she was visiting, and she declared quickly, (nearly word for word) “No, I’ve lived in Plainview for years, was raised a Mormon but stopped going to church ten years ago. I just felt that I should come back.” This made me want to weep with joy, for I knew again, yet another confirmation, that the Vision of the Vine was real, unique and truthful.

There is a special Spirit over the Lubbock Texas Mission right now. The Lord is granting the additional power to help make us more able to perform his work and I know it to be true.

President Shumway also once declared that this Vision of the Vine was not a recent Vision, but one he had some time back that the Lord was making him aware of.

Finally, I know the Lord’s hand is this work, and is behind this vision, because he made it possible for Plainview to change me for the better and help me become an eternal family with my wife and kids. No other place, or Spirit has been able to change this sinner before…. so it is here I must express my love to the Stake, and even indeed most especially, the Plainview Branch. God Bless us as he has hitherto done, and pray we will live worthy of this additional Spiritual power given us of the Lord.

I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

**Lubbock Texas Stake Announcements:

Friday, October 1st Through 5th – Temple Closed

Saturday, October 2nd- General Conference Telecasts 11:00a.m. & 3:00p.m.

**PLEASE , Invite a friend to a General Conference Session!**

Saturday, October 2nd Ice Cream Social @ 6:15p.m.
Saturday, October 2nd Priesthood Session @ 7:00p.m

Sunday, October 3rd General Conference Telecasts @ 11:00a.m. & 3:00p.m.

Tuesday, October 5th Relief Society @ 6:30

Sunday, October 10th @ 8:30a.m. Branch Council

**Submit Your Testimony To Share On by sending your story, missionary moment, inspiring thought or conversion story with testimony to**

*****************Plainview Branch Elders & High Priest Lessons By Date:

10-3-10 : General Conference

10-10-10 : Chapter 19 Gospel Principles Manual “Repentance”

10-17-10 : Chapter 20 Gospel Principles Manual “Baptism”

10-24-10 : “Helping Hands, Saving Hands” – By Elder Koichi Aoyagi – April 2010 Conference

10-31-10 : Joint Meeting With Priesthood

11-7-10 : “To The Home Teachers Of The Church” By President Ezra Taft Benson – April 1987 –

11-14-10 : Chapter 21 Gospel Principles Manual “The Gift Of The Holy Ghost”

11-21-10 : Chapter 22 Gospel Principles Manual “The Gifts Of The Spirit”

11-28-10 : “That Our Children Might See The Face Of Our Savior” – By Cheryl C. Lant – April 2010

12-5-10 : “Only An Elder” – by Elder Bruce R. McConkie in 1974

12-12-10 : Chapter 23 Gospel Principles Manual “The Sacrament”

12-19-10 : Chapter 24 Gospel Principles Manual “The Sabbath Day”

12-26-10 : To Be Announced

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