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Brethren! We were blessed with the abundance of the Spirit of the Lord today! I must say thank you to all of you for the great edification that comes only by mutual interaction in sharing and proclaiming the great value that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has to each of us.

We were blessed to be visited by Brother Gagne today, (Former Plainview Member- visiting from California) as well as Brother Mortensen. We pray the blessings of the Savior rest upon these men as they return home in travels… praying they stay safe.

We also had the greatest blessing of having another Elder ordained in our midst. Olympo Calderon was ordained an Elder and what a great honor it was to stand in the midst, and feel of the great Spirit that permeated the room, palpable and nearly overwhelming to tears. This ordination to Elder for Brother Calderon, comes weeks after another was ordained an Elder, that person is Josh West. Congrats to both these great men, and may the Lord ever bless them.

Since next Sunday we are to be discussing the talk given by President Boyd K. Packer from this most recent past General Conference (180th Annual) We should still be trying to digest all we can concerning the Priesthood. Below is a video with good reference to the elect of God, so grab your scriptures, say and prayer, and hit play on the video embedded below. (Visit blog to watch)

 **************Lubbock Texas Stake Announcements: ***************

7-25-10 “Power of the Priesthood” Boyd Packer 180th General Conference

8-1-10 August First Presidency Message (For Home Teaching as well.)

8-8-10 Chapter 15 “The Lord’s Covenant People” (Gospel Principles)

8-15-10 Chapter 16 “The Church of Jesus Christ In Former Times” (Gospel Principles)