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I opened up an invitation to all of the members of the church on Facebook, to share a portion of their testimony, (whether large or small wasn’t important,) just to give them the chance to bless us with another conversion to the gospel. When we hear the testimony of another Saint, we gain an additional witness from another. Remember the words from the hymn, “The Spirit of God, Like a fire is burning…” and that fire rests within our testimonies as well! Testimony is very important brethren! It is now, that I would like to thank our dear Brother Christopher Lloyd Graham, and share his testimony with you, written below:

The lord puts me here…with many many fears… thousands of tears… and many cheers.

He sent me here for a mission…to find my tuition…put my body into submission…to make an ultimate decision,

He give me friends…some stay untill the end…some defend….other will help and recommend,

He gives us trials… Many denials… fake smiles…feeling reconcile,

He gives us blessings…moments for confessing…love for moments of pressing…and examples of guessing,

He provides a family… sisters… brothers… mom and dad…all for constantly, hopefully, true feling thankfully,

He provides books…the bible it hooks… The Book of mormon you should have partook… and the guidance is more complex than it looks,

He excepts love…its a blessing from up above…small symbol is a dove…the vfeeling covers like a glove…so be a true love,

Then there is church… is to learn…is to ponder…and to see the things we cannot see–to SEARCH
he gives us the means…to be what we have been…to be his flammable gasoline…light us up and what us Gleam,

He gives me so much…so many people to touch…he wants us to grab that clutch…and show our spirits a whole bunch,

He sent his son…his only begotten one…the plan of salvation won…satan is done…jesus is the greatest loved one son,

So i share this small testimony, that this church is true, and i know my heavenly father lives, and that he loves me and provides the listed above so that we can return unto him in humility, honesty, and trust. I believe that everyone that passes your life was meant to leave something, if not be your everything. With this my new years resolution to be the best i can be for all of you. A friend, a missionary, a son, a brother, a best friend or boyfriend. or just a person to talk to. I LOVE YOU ALL and wish you a great year. listen to the spirit for it will guide you and show you the right way to go. I say these things in the name of the son Jesus Christ, Amen.
Again, I’d love to thank our Brother, Christopher Lloyd Graham… his Testimony was helpful and enlightening! If you would like to speak more with this Brother in Christ, find him on his Facebook page! I invite all to share their testimony, like our dear Brother Graham did. Thanks again!

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