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Many of the brethren who follow this blog will tell you that I have frequently landed some spiritually significant videos that have been a treasure and a great blessing to be able to view. These videos have helped stir me up in some of the most covetous spiritual moments of significance that I personally have sought after when I was feeling “down” or “depressed”. I likewise have been informed of the momentous effect that they have had on those whom have made it habit to watch them on the blog after the suggestion has been made here, on our wonderful blog. A Brother in the Lord, and a significant man in the making of these videos, named Seth Adam Smith, has made it a great task of his to produce these for the benefit of both member and non-member, and who has been featured on Meridian Magazine as well as one other location has outdone himself here on this following video, which is a video about The Vancouver British Columbia Temple. This video is now featured on a site we have had a link on our Plainview Branch links (Recommended Initially By Brother Randall Guinn also of the Plainview Branch) and that site is . Below, I have embedded the video for your pleasure, and I hope you all love this video as much as both Brother Randall Guinn and I both do! To see more of other great videos on a wide variety of Gospel Topics, visit Brother Seth Adam Smith’s personal YouTube channel at May the Lord continue to guide and direct us all in this great work of spreading the Gospel!