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The Provo Utah Temple (formerly the Provo Temple) is the 17thconstructed and 15th operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ ofLatter-day Saints. Located in the city of Provo, Utah it was built witha modern single-spire design very similar in design to the Ogden UtahTemple.

Since Provos early years, a hill just northeast ofdowntown Provo was known as Temple Hill. Instead of a temple, however,the Maeser Building was built on the hill in 1911 as a part of theBrigham Young University campus. A 17-acre (69,000 m2) block ofproperty at the base of Rock Canyon was chosen as the site for theProvo Temple.

The LDS temple in Provo was announced on August14, 1967, and a groundbreaking ceremony was held on September 15, 1969with construction beginning soon thereafter. Emil B. Fetzer, thearchitect for the Ogden and Provo temples, was asked to create afunctional design with efficiency, convenience, and reasonable cost askey factors.

The temple was dedicated on February 9, 1972 byChurch President Joseph Fielding Smith. The two dedicatory serviceswere broadcast to several large auditoriums on Brigham Young Universitycampus, including the 22,700-seat Marriott Center. The temple has 6ordinance rooms and 12 sealing rooms, and has a total floor area of128,325 square feet (11,921.8 m2). Thirty-one years after the temple’scompletion, a statue of the Angel Moroni was added to the spire, whichitself was changed from gold to white. The temple interior includedescalators for many years, but those have since been removed.

TheProvo Temple is one of the busiest temples the LDS Church operates.Because of its location, the temple is frequented by students attendingthe nearby Church-owned Brigham Young University. The temple alsoreceives many missionary patrons since an LDS Missionary TrainingCenter is just across the street.

The exterior design of theProvo Temple has its roots in scriptural imagery. The broad base andnarrow spire represent the cloudy pillar and the fiery pillar(respectively) that the Lord used to guide the Israelites through thewilderness under Moses (Ex. 13:21-22).

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