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I Will Give Away All My Sins To Know Thee   1 comment

Ammon Defend Sheep Lamoni Mormon

Ammon Defend Sheep Lamoni Mormon (Photo credit: More Good Foundation)

Brothers and Sisters,

I was reading my personal scriptures this evening (or early morning) and stumbled upon a scripture from which derived the title to this particular entry. In the book of Alma, 22nd chapter, 18th verse it reads:

O God, Aaron hath told me that there is a God; and if there is a God, and if thou art God, wilt thou make thyself known unto me, and I will give away all my sins to know thee, and that I may be raised from the dead, and be saved at the last day. And now when the king had said these words, he was struck as if he were dead.

This particular person speaking is the father of King Lamoni, recently converted after a short melee with Ammon in which his arm was injured. The touching part to me, is the fact that Aaron, who is teaching King Lamoni’s father, has just recently been released out of jail and had attempted to become this Kings very servant. Aaron was willing to serve the very King who previously was his oppressor. After declining that Aaron could be his servant (Alma 22:3), the king instead petitions Aaron to explain the “…generosity and the greatness of the words of thy brother Ammon;”

The two items he refers to here, are the two conditions upon which Ammon had set upon the father of King Lamoni to agree to or suffer death. The first condition was arranged as such in the scriptures:


Behold, I will smite thee except th0u wilt grant unto me that my brethren may be cast out of prison.” (Alma 20:22) This particular request came to Ammon through direction of the Lord who previously warned Ammon not to go to the Land of Nephi, because the King there would seek his life, but to instead go to Middoni and free Aaron and his brethren. (See Alma 20:1-2)


…That Lamoni may retain his kingdom, and that ye be not displeased with him, but grant that he may do according to his own desires in whatsoever thing he thinketh, then will I spare thee;” (Alma 20:24) This I found was quite interesting, and the king later found it interesting enough that he even spoke of it and how it showed the good intentions of Ammon.

“Because this is all that thou hast desired, that I would release thy brethren, and suffer that my son Lamoni should retain his kingdom, behold, I will grant unto you that my son may retain his kingdom from this time and forever; and I will govern him no more—And I will also grant unto thee that thy brethren may be cast out of prison, and thou and thy brethren may come unto me, in my kingdom; for I shall greatly desire to see thee.” (Alma 20:26-27)

We were literally reading just how good service from willing Missionaries (both Ammon and Aaron), the good intentions of their hearts, and their desire to keep the commandments of the Lord could be deciding factors in helping others to have a desire to come to know the truthfulness of the gospel. In our own way, we all have some influence upon friends, neighbors, co-workers and other walks of life and will find that our living of the gospel, in all righteousness, our friends may have a desire to see us. The Lord will guide us in, to know just when to reach out to another.

Like we have chosen to do, they then will have a desire to pray unto the Lord in similar fashion and say in humble prayer,

“I will give away all my sins to know thee.”

May we all take the lesson that Aaron and Ammon have taught us, to be good examples- leading others to Christ– deep to heart, praying for an opportunity to be an instrument in the hand of the Lord.