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 We all have had an experience, certainly at least once, where we have reviewed in our scripture study something that jumps out to us in which we know we have read it yet don’t recall it being so significant to us prior to the time of your recent discovery. I have now had a few experiences in the past two days where this is so.

The first Scripture, which jumps out to me is: Moroni Chapter 7:2 – which reads:

And now I, Mormon, speak unto you, my beloved brethren; and it is by the grace of God the Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ, and his holy will, because of the gift of his calling unto me, that I am permitted to speak unto you at this time.”

Ponder that for a moment, then read below.

As leaders in the Church, with respect to no calling, we all are certainly aware of our duties and the significance of the stewardship we have in magnifying these callings. As I pondered my responsibilities, the responsibility of an Elders Quorum president, I then had opened my scriptures and read the seventh chapter of Moroni, thus stumbling on this scripture.

I was intrigued by the manner in which Mormon was addressing his son Moroni, and other individuals in his writing. First, pay close attention to him first being able to talk to them “by the grace of God the Father, and our Lord…”. What a humbling reminder of the meekness he has is attributing the significance of his ability to talk to them by first giving credit to both the Father and the Son. Next he says why he is then addressing them, when he says, “…[because] his holy will.” He opens the authoritative window of his responsibility, and also here shows that his desire is to do the will and commandment of the Lord in speaking to the Nephites. He then reveals how he addresses us when he says, “… because of the gift of his calling unto me.” This portion is what caught my attention. Never before do I recall reading this, or certainly talk of it. In fact, I never considered I should address the magnifying of my Priesthood calling as “…the gift.” I know why now, yet still reflect on its significance. This is an authoritative injunction to see and realize it is not just work to be done because of the known duties each of us should be mindful of, but this also teaches us that we should be greatful to have the chance to serve in this capacity. For as we do serve in this capacity, we learn skills and are taught them in a manner which can be done in no other way except through the Holy Ghost.

I pray now, within myself that I will forever review my calling in the manner in which Mormon did. He teaches plainly the significance, and I pray we all remember the meaning of this.

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11-14-10 : Chapter 21 Gospel Principles Manual “The Gift Of The Holy Ghost”

11-21-10 : Chapter 22 Gospel Principles Manual “The Gifts Of The Spirit”

11-28-10 : “That Our Children Might See The Face Of Our Savior” – By Cheryl C. Lant – April 2010

12-5-10 : “Only An Elder” – by Elder Bruce R. McConkie in 1974

12-12-10 : Chapter 23 Gospel Principles Manual “The Sacrament”

12-19-10 : Chapter 24 Gospel Principles Manual “The Sabbath Day”

12-26-10 : To Be Announced


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