The Rome Italy Temple Groundbreaking 10-23-10   Leave a comment

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Lubbock Texas Announcements:

10-31-10 : Stake Conference + Priesthood Leadership 
11-7-10 : “To The Home Teachers Of The Church” By President Ezra Taft Benson – April 1987 –
11-14-10 : Chapter 21 Gospel Principles Manual “The Gift Of The Holy Ghost”
11-21-10 : Chapter 22 Gospel Principles Manual “The Gifts Of The Spirit”
11-28-10 : “That Our Children Might See The Face Of Our Savior” – By Cheryl C. Lant – April 201012-5-10 : “Only An Elder” – by Elder Bruce R. McConkie in 1974
12-12-10 : Chapter 23 Gospel Principles Manual “The Sacrament”
12-19-10 : Chapter 24 Gospel Principles Manual “The Sabbath Day”
12-26-10 : To Be Announced


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