"Continue In Patience" – New Mormon Messages Video   Leave a comment

Brethren, please visit http://plainvieweq.blogspot.com ! This post contains videos!

This Mormon Messages Video Comes from the most recent General Conference (April 2010) and the underlying idea comes from the talk given by President Uchtdorf – “Continue In Patience”.

Be ready to smile, and feel the spirit as you watch this video!

**Lubbock Texas Stake Announcements:

Friday, October 1st Through 5th – Temple Closed

Saturday, October 2nd- General Conference Telecasts 11:00a.m. & 3:00p.m.

**PLEASE , Invite a friend to a General Conference Session!**

Saturday, October 2nd Ice Cream Social @ 6:15p.m. Just prior to Priesthood Session Start

Saturday, October 2nd Priesthood Session @ 7:00p.m

Sunday, October 3rd General Conference Telecasts @ 11:00a.m. & 3:00p.m.

Tuesday, October 5th Relief Society @ 6:30

Sunday, October 10th @ 8:30a.m. Branch Council

**Submit Your Testimony To Share On http://plainviewreview.blogspot.com by sending your story, missionary moment, inspiring thought or conversion story with testimony to PlainviewEldersQuorum@ldsliving.com**

Plainview Branch Elders & High Priest Lessons By Date:

10-3-10 : General Conference

10-10-10 : Chapter 19 Gospel Principles Manual “Repentance”

10-17-10 : Chapter 20 Gospel Principles Manual “Baptism”

10-24-10 : “Helping Hands, Saving Hands” – By Elder Koichi Aoyagi – April 2010 Conference

10-31-10 : Joint Meeting With Priesthood

11-7-10 : “To The Home Teachers Of The Church” By President Ezra Taft Benson – April 1987 –

11-14-10 : Chapter 21 Gospel Principles Manual “The Gift Of The Holy Ghost”

11-21-10 : Chapter 22 Gospel Principles Manual “The Gifts Of The Spirit”

11-28-10 : “That Our Children Might See The Face Of Our Savior” – By Cheryl C. Lant – April 2010

12-5-10 : “Only An Elder” – by Elder Bruce R. McConkie in 1974

12-12-10 : Chapter 23 Gospel Principles Manual “The Sacrament”

12-19-10 : Chapter 24 Gospel Principles Manual “The Sabbath Day”

12-26-10 : To Be Announced

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