Why Confirmation & Continual Living Of Standards Is Important   Leave a comment

I received today, yet another powerful confirmation of how living the standards of the Gospel of Jesus Christ can and will influence those whom you are around; Both frequently, and far between, our visits and interactions with others do make the difference, and they do influence change. This experience I am now going to share with you, is an experience that has strengthened my Testimony about the truthfulness of the Gospel.

I stand continually challenged at work, both by co-workers and by customers in the path of life. As I have been in my new area in the Tire Lube Express at Wal-Mart, I have shifted into the spiritual gridiron of poorly spoken and rarely choice words of which hearing once can beset anyone. I noticed today that people and co-workers have been even less profane however. Also in that observation, came the moment of which has led me to writing this entry you are now reading.

At a dead-point of volume, and a slow time in the shop of which offered no actual labor, some of the men, including our Service Manager, were pouring through their phones showing both profane pictures and text messages. As I heard the commotion, and natural curiosity driving me to inquire, I headed in their direction to see what the commotion was all about.

When I was but ten feet from this group of individuals, the Service manager turned and stopped me dead in my tracks, offering this stark sentence, “Rex, don’t come over here, I know you don’t like to see these things…and I don’t wish to offend you.”

Appreciative as I was, I stopped and casually walked in the opposite direction from whence I was originally heading. It stayed pressed, forward and on the top of my mind, and it reminded me that the Lord had heard my prayers to keep me from heading into temptation of any kind.

I give you my witness, that I know the Lord hears, and answers our prayers. I know that as I have done that which He has commanded me to do, Satan could have no power or influence on me. I know that He loves, and cares for us all, and I also know, that the placing the Gospel at the foreground of all my (outside of in Home family concerns) priorities, that the Lord has allowed the standards I live to help change my co-workers for the better. Such is my testimony, and I leave it with you in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


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