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My Dear Kind, and Gracious Family & Friends ….

It is not every day that a man can look upon his past life… take stock and then plot the future. Its not every day that we spend many good years in Apostasy (11 years for me) then of course, be blessed to return to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To be given our “Second” or “Third” (Or even “Countless”) amounts of tries to keep ourselves on the straight and narrow. The good Lord has seen to me that I’ve had those chances.

Over the course of those 11 years, I did lots of terrible things to myself and to others. On nearly 5 occasions when I lived in Las Vegas, NV (During the course of October 2005- May 2008) I nearly killed myself with serious abuse of both OTC and Prescribed Drugs. On two known occasions… I had effectively “Shut Down” my liver and Kidneys… left to mingle in the Hospital for weeks on end. Becoming a beast of a man.

But since my Sophomore Year @ Santa Rita High School, (1996-1997) I did not live it, study it, nor seek for it. “It” being “The Gospel”. Many times, with many various friends we oft discussed religion…. which was popular amongst my peers. All knew I was a “Mormon” but, they called me a “Jack-Mormon” due to my choice to not live the standards many peers knew all about. I did everything a Mormon should not do, stopping just short of denying the Faith. I knew deep within my heart and soul that it was the Restored and True Church… but rationalized (As Satan sometimes does) that I “Could not be saved” or, “I can’t be forgiven”.

There is so much past to cover, and there were many many many sins I had to Repent of. Frequently, I felt discouraged and without Hope. My Beloved Grandma and Grandpa Beardsley tried to teach and nourish me the Gospel as loving family should. I offended many, and stole from them as well. Sadly, even from family members;

My life changed in a not so Patriotic way… on 9/11/01 (But the USA did). I was being driven home to my moms house in Tucson. Sad to hear that unfold on radio. Shortly thereafter, on December 22nd 2001 Melissa and I got married by Bishop Jenkins (From the Rincon Stake- Linken Park Ward)  Kids followed…. All things were progressing without incident until I lost all control of my habbits.

I need not divulge all details, but after 7 years, My Brothers in the Lord: Elder Rusk and Philpot snapped me out of all my darkness… and led me to the light. Now, 14 months later….. and a little over 24 hours from now (2:12am CST) I finally will get endowed and sealed to my family in the Lubbock Texas temple. The Elders did not act alone… many others did: They were:

President Porter

President Williams

Brother & Sister Derrick

President Longoria

President Martinez

Brother Calderon

Brother Olmsted

Brother Stone

Brother Davis

Sister Masters

There are a great many to name, but their counsel was greater than knowing their names. The helped change me… period.

To you, and them, and the Branch, My family and I Love You All Dearly…. and when we enter that temple on the 19th, it will be in Praise of our God, and in their Love for the Savior in loving me. I truly do love you brethren. Thank You Again

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Plainview Texas Branch; Lubbock Stake Announcements;

Saturday, December 19th, 2009: Leadership @ Stake Center; Brother & Sister Beardsley Temple Marriage @ 3pm


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