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Val D. Greenwood, author of the award winning book “How Often Would I Have Gathered You” paid a visit to our blog here, and has made way for all of us to be better acquainted with the Old Testament. Take the time to look over his blog,  Val D. Greenwood’s Blog (Click Here) , after careful study of his wisdom, don’t hesitate to visit his companion site Oldtestamentor (Click Here) and follow along as he takes the role of mentor to our knowledge and understanding of the Old Testament. What a great asset this is!

Should you find loads of information that you like, (as you shall,) visit New View Old Testament- the page of which you can purchase the award winning book , “How Often Would I Have Gathered You”

I look forward to sharing more input with you brethren.

A few quick Announcements and clarifications (Reminders) : Sunday, September 27th, is Fast Sunday because the next week, as we all know, is General Conference! I can’t wait for the fountain of knowledge and inspiration that will come from it!

Here are some recent photos: From The Oquirrh Mountain Temple

And Some Photos Of General Authorities:
Hope all of this has been of use to you brethren, more to come soon!

Lubbock Stake + Plainview Branch Announcements:

September 26th, 2009: 7:00pm General Relief Society Telecast (At Stake Center)

September 27th, 2009: Fast Sunday

September 28th, 2009: Family Home Evening

September 30th, 2009: 7:00pm Priest/Laurel Activity (4th Ward – Stake Center)

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